Homeowners Insurance
Owning a property is no easy task. If you bought a home in the current market, you just fulfilled a remarkable investment. Now it is time that you seal its security with a reliable home insurance agency.

We will help you cover the financial losses of your home in Houston, Texas. Our homeowner insurance agents are familiar with types of districts in the state, as well as the kinds of damages that can befall residential property. Theft, fire, vandalism—we offer insurance plans for various types of losses.

Our insurance policies include coverages for:

Condo Units

As long as your property is under your ownership, we will help you figure out the right insurance options, according to your needs.  

A typical homeowner insurance coverage includes the following:

Structural Losses
The primary building structure, as well as any garages or sheds on the property are covered by insurance.

Content Losses
The things inside the property, such as clothing and electronics, are covered by your insurance package. Certain belongings may be excluded.

Your insurance will cover the costs if anyone is injured inside your home.

Reach out to Joe Covers Texas at 7138699555, or send us an email at customerservice@joecoverstexas.com. Our homeowner insurance agents will present you a customized program.
What type of insurance can I help you with?
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