Auto Insurance
Insurance does not only apply to residential property; it also applies to your automobiles. As a considerable investment, automobiles are more likely to face damages—especially if you travel extensively.

In addition to protecting you in the event of an accident, auto insurance helps you recover financially in the aftermath.

As an auto insurance agency in Houston and Montgomery County, we are informed of the law in the state of Texas. Our experienced auto insurance brokers are committed to guiding our clients through the best coverage options in their insurance packages.

Auto Insurance Elements

The elements of auto insurance typically cover:

1- Bodily Injury Liability: this covers the costs for injuries sustained by someone else.
2- Property Damage Liability: covers the costs of damage to someone else’s property.
3- Medical Payments Coverage: covers medical payments for injuries to the automobile’s driver and passengers.
4- Collision Coverage: if the accident involves a collision with another automobile, or a structure such as a wall or a fence, the costs for damage are covered by the insurance.
5- Comprehensive Coverage: covers the losses that occur due to theft, vandalism, fire and natural disasters.  
6- Uninsured Motorist Coverage: if your automobile damage is a result of a collision with an uninsured driver’s vehicle, then they may have to contribute to or the payments for the damages (if at fault).    

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